Shone Services

Installing the RMM Application

(RMM = Remote Monitoring & Management)

In order for Shone Services to start managing your environment, we may need you to install an app to your PC. Once this is done, we can start managing and installing other software to make your network more secure, and support quicker.

You would have received a download link from a trusted member of your staff via email.

It will look like this:

Note: the link above is for demonstration, it is not a valid URL.

1. Click the link. Clicking the link will open up a web browser and the file will start downloading.

You are downloading an executable file (.EXE) and it is normal for the browser to display a warning message.

Your browser will ask you if you are sure you want to keep this program, press the options icon (ᶹᶹᶹ) and select 'Keep'.

See the image below:

2. Open your Downloads folder. Once the file is downloaded, you can go to your Downloads folder and see the newly downloaded file there.

If you can't find your Downloads folder, copy and paste the following in Windows Explorer: 

3. Right-Click and select 'Run as administrator'. This part is important, it has to be run as an administrator or it will not install. 

It is normal to receive warnings when running Executable files. Please accept all prompts and continue.

4. Accept all notifications asking if you are sure you want to install. 
If you see the blue notification, select 'More Info' and press 'Run Anyway'.

5. A black window will appear, then disappear. You do not need to do anything at this stage, it will install itself without interaction. 

Please do not close the black window.

You are done! Carry on as normal. 

Once you have reached this stage, please continue as normal.

Shone Services