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Using VPN on your Laptop



Neologism: Working remotely or working from home. Connecting over an encrypted channel to an office network to be able to work remotely.  Taken from "Virtual Private Network". 

"I couldn't make it into work today so I am VPNing."


Designated laptops are equipped with a VPN client that will allow you to access company data when you are working outside of the office.

Please read these instructions in full before using the VPN.

Before we get VPNing, you will need...

  1. Your company Laptop, powered on and signed in.
  2. To be away from the office and using a Wired or Wireless internet connection.
  3. To know your username and password!

VPN connections will not work when you are on the company network as you are already connected to network you want access to.

What we are looking for...

The software is called FortiClient VPN and access to it can be found either on your Desktop or in the System Tray. 

Here is what the icons look like:

Desktop Tray IconDesktop Icon - Blue shield with white outline containing an 'O' shape made of 8 squares.

System Tray Icon

System Tray Icon - Blue shield with white outline containing a white check-mark.

Other VPN Clients may be installed on your Laptop for other purposes - please take care in which one you are using.

Let's start VPNing!

To Start your VPN connection:

Note: On the first time of opening the VPN client, you will need to accept the license agreement by ticking the checkbox and pressing Accept. Once you do this you will see the screens below.

Note: VPN profile names will differ from client to client. "XXXXX" below will be used to represent your company name.

  1. Either double-click the desktop icon, or Right-click the system tray icon and select 'Connect to "XXXXX" to open the VPN client. You will see the image below:FortiClient VPN Main Screen
  2. Enter your Username and Password in the blank fields and press the blue Connect button.
  3. The main window will now disappear and you will get a notification stating that you are connected.

Note: Your username and password combo is the same as the one you sign in to Windows with.

An example Username - john.doe    Password - VPN_master*123

To End your VPN connection:

There are two ways to end your VPN session, both very similar to how you enable it.

You can either:

  1. Double-click the desktop icon. You will see the image below:Press the blue Disconnect button and wait for a successful disconnection notification. You can then close the window.


  2. Right-click the System Tray icon and select Disconnect "XXXXXYou will get a successful disconnection notification.

Once you have followed the above instructions and need further assistance, please feel free to contact Shone Services:

United States - 502 405 8181
United Kingdom - 020 8610 9670
Email -